Be careful in using social media, don't make mistakes

Even though the craze of social networking is high and the children have become quite intelligent, they should not forget that a small mistake can ruin their lives.
Not only children, but their parents should also be alert in the use of social media. One should not make the mistake of friendship with a stranger and come to his talks.

Social media

Take these precautions

Parents make children aware of social media.
Befriend children and keep an eye on their social networking.

Don't Do

We should not be sharing personal information on social sites.
From time to time, keep informing their friends.

Do not upload your complete information, personal photos, etc. on social media.

Children are creating fake accounts, so stop them.
Social networking sites are a medium to meet and connect with new people, do not make it apart of life.

Social media

Keep these things in mind

Do not take the risk to meet alone, meet in public places.
Not every ID that appears on social media is correct.

Do not trust anyone immediately, do friendship by examining.


Careful! Social media addiction can make you a victim of stress

Social media is a medium through which we freshen up our mind, but it happens many times that we get so lost by using it that Ignore other things. If this happens to you too, then your addiction can put you into depression.

In a recent research, it was told that by using social media more time you can go into depression.

Researchers believe that the closer we get to social media, the more we start to get away from real life i.e. family and friends. Because of which relationships start to crack and we slowly fall alone. 


Increase in the number of suicide

Addiction is a disease that makes it difficult to get out and if you start looking at social media, then gradually you will become ill. In such a situation, there are some people who start taking alcohol and medicines, but sometimes when they are overdose, people take steps like suicide.

Social media

This addiction is incurable

Research has shown that many of the users who use social media are users who are unhappy for some reason. Which has no cure? To this, Professor Tarun B of Flyer University said, "Instead of resorting to only medicine or psychological treatment, physicians should not ignore immediate social networking, including the influence of friends and family."


Careful! If you upload photos on social media, be careful, there may be damage

Many cases came in which many fake IDs were made by taking photos from Facebook, Instagram and other social media account and it was misused. In Gwalior, there were many cases of targeting women and making offensive photos viral.

There are some things that should be taken special care of. Actually, people upload photos on social media platforms to get a lot of likes and comments, but the danger is not less. 

Sometimes these photos can be misused by someone. Especially girls or women are advised to take special caution about posting photos and making new friends on social media.


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